Wayne Thomas Wildcats care about our environment and want to make a difference!
♻️ REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE ♻️ Plastic bags and wrap specifically ...
💡 Did you know that you CANNOT recycle plastic bags and wrap with your every day recycling that get picked up by our local waste management? Plastic wrap and bags require special processing to break down and reuse, which is why there are specific collection bins in some stores.
🏫 Wayne Thomas Elementary School is proud to partner with Trex Company to make this a little easier for all of us to execute! 👏🏼 There are 3 Trex plastic bag and wrap collection bins around the school.
♻️ Let's all start this new, easy habit of bringing our DRY and CLEAN (no bags used for food, unless rinsed and dried) plastic bags and wrap to school to be recycled!

🔜 Magnets have been sent home to serve as a helpful reminder of which items can be brought in to be recycled.
🏆 Trex executes the largest school plastic bag and wrap recycling program in schools around the county. IF WE COLLECT THE MOST BAGS AND WRAP WE WILL WIN A SUPER COOL TREX BENCH MADE OF RECYCLED MATERIALS. We got this 👊

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